The principals of conservation and preservation have been built into our growing process since 1998. From the initial flower stage through shipping tomatoes to our customers, we are continually working on maintaining our impact on the environment. We implement environmentally conscious efforts throughout our production facility; from creating our packaging out of recycled materials to minimizing our carbon footprint by maintaining our food miles, our team is continually working to make strides towards sustainability a part of our daily routine. We like to think of ourselves as sustainable by design, making our product both delicious and beneficial for the planet.

Here’s how we are working to keep our greenhouses green:

  • Eco friendly predator insects are used to control harmful pests in place of pesticides
  • Rain water captured on our roof is stored in our ponds for use in the greenhouse
  • Excess water is filtered and recycled for plant irrigation
  • Emission free electric carts collect and transport harvested tomatoes throughout the greenhouse
  • Biomass boilers burning waste wood heat the greenhouses instead of fossil fuels
  • Carbon dioxide emissions are recycled and the CO2 is used to increase photosynthesis and plant production
  • CHP Program – Own generator used for heat and electricity reducing outside sourcing and environmental impact
  • Diffused glass is used on greenhouse rooftops for increased quality and production without increase in energy