No, our tomatoes are not grown underwater! Our tomato plants are not grown in soil, rather they root into a growing medium made of Rockwool, a stone-wool substrate. We use drippers to irrigate the plants with a water and nutrient mix. As the plants grow we hang the vines from the ceiling and they grow up to a range of 25 to 30 feet in length within the 11 month growing season.

As an alternative to fossil fuels, we use biomass boilers that burn waste wood. The boilers heat the water that is pumped through piping in the greenhouse floor.

Also, we have curtains that cover the glass ceiling in the wintertime to conserve 60% -more energy.

Yes! With the help of artificial lighting during the winter months, we are able to grow premium TOV’s (tomatoes on the vine) and beefsteak tomatoes year round. This means you can enjoy¬†locally grown tomatoes year round in the Northeast even during the cold winter months.

All Intergrow Tomatoes On the Vine (TOV) and Beefsteak tomatoes are grown from non gmo seeds, and Intergrow is proud to support and partner with the NON-GMO project.

Instead of using city water, we catch rain water and snow melt off of our roof. All excess water is recycled, creating a completely closed system.

We use bumble bees for natural pollination. We bring in bee hives every two weeks to pollinate the greenhouse.

Intergrow tomatoes are not organic. However,  Intergrow Greenhouses practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) where we introduce predator bugs to control any pests that can harm the tomato plants, reducing pesticide use to a minimum.

Tomatoes that you buy on the vine have longer shelf life than field tomatoes picked off of the vine. Just leave them on your countertop (NEVER refrigerate) and they should last you a good week or two! Also, tomatoes that are sold on the vine have been grown in a greenhouse, ensuring a much safer product that is free of disease and contamination. Also, because our plants are grown in a controlled environment, we can effectively use natural predators to control pests, so pesticide use is reduced to a minimum.

This is False! Hydroponically grown tomatoes have every bit as much flavor as field grown varieties. Hydroponics has been a proven method of growing delicious tomatoes for decades. Most American retailers used to purchase tomatoes on-the-vine from Holland, where these growing techniques originated, as well as Mexico and Canada. In 1998 we brought authentic growing practices when we opened Intergrow Greenhouses in Western, NY, where we pick all of our tomatoes fully ripe and ship them daily to your stores, providing consumers with delicious, local tomatoes all year-round.